Great Glutes Program

Great Glutes Program

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If you are struggling to build an impressive lower body or want to build upon what you already have then "Great Glutes" is for you. "Great Glutes" is a glute focused program that utilizes resistance based training to build muscle and tone. 

This product includes the following:

  1. A 5 day workout split that includes: 3 Lower Body Routines & 2 Upper Body Routines
  2. A comprehensive breakdown of each exercise
  3. Benefits of Glutes
  4. Tips and Facts to aid in progression speed
  5. Nutrition Tip Sheet 
  6. Workout Tracker Sheet

Additional Details

Gym access recommended
Workout utilizes barbells and dumbbells
Workout program is designed to be used over the course of several weeks
Workout is provided via a pdf electronic format