PPL 3-Day Workout Split

PPL 3-Day Workout Split

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The PPL "Push, Pull, Legs" 3 Day Workout Split is a program for those looking to add muscle or become stronger! This program utilizes push and pull movements and pairs it with resistance [barbells, dumbbells, bodyweight] to encourage growth and engagement. 

This product includes the following:

  1. A 3 day workout split that includes: A Push Focused Routine, A Pull Focused Routine & Leg/Lower Body Focused Routine
  2. A comprehensive breakdown of each exercise
  3. An Intro to & Benefits of Push/Pull Movements
  4. Tips and Facts to aid in muscle progression speed
  5. Nutrition Tip Sheet 

Additional Details

Gym access recommended
Workout utilizes barbells and dumbbells
Workout program is designed to be used over the course of several weeks
3 Day Split can be performed once or twice a week
Workout is provided via a pdf electronic format

Customer Reviews

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Eynoux Adjoumani

Amazing workout plan for that perfect summer body. I would highly recommend.

Francis Andoh
Structured and detailed workouts.

The whole experience with Abeg Train Me was A1. The trainer (Jessica) was knowledgeable, the newly drafted strength routine was easy to follow via PDF. Would recommend to anyone looking to really fine tune their lifts.